RB731 - Lighting kit for RB730
Permanent backlight kit with 4 high performance leds for the RB730. Super easy installation.
SEK 132.98
F2R RB730 Roadbook holder
SEK 2,393.62
F2R RB750 Roadbook holder
Electrical roadbook holder for the most demanding riding. This is essentially a "doubled up"...
SEK 3,031.91
RB732 - Remote switch for RB730
Remote control with :
SEK 372.34
ICO002 - ICO Rallye MAX-G
The Rallye MAX-G™ is the next-generation, GPS-based successor to the most trusted rally computer...
SEK 4,574.47
CR001 - Combo remote switch for RBholder and TM
Combo remote control for the modern roadbook-holders.
SEK 2,340.43
ICO001 - ICO Rallye MAX
The Rallye MAX™ is the next-generation successor to the most trusted rally computer in the world,...
SEK 3,510.64
Spare cover for RB730 - RB734
Spare cover for the RB730 roadbook holder.
SEK 340.43
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