MRS - Mini Rally System

This is Raid Designs own concept for converting any offroad bike into a truly versatile adventure/rallye bike.
You can use MRS as a platform to add whatver equipment you want. Raid Designs has tested MRS with map holders, Roadbook holders, GPSs, dual HIDs and several ODO-meters and ERFT equipment. They all work with this system. It' lower than most systems, and will not block the view much more than the front fender, but still fully visible. Your enduro bike will still feel nimble and still do all the things a rallyt bike does.

MRS features:
- Fits ANY offroad motorcycle with small adjustments
- World's first rally system adjustable in ANY way
- Frame-mounted, the bracket will not impede the steering making it feel heavy
- Roadbook holder goes under the handlebars, keeping it tighter to the handlebar and more protected
- Does not block the view of the road much more than the front fender
- 950 g incl frame brackets, screws and fairing
- User-friendly instructions
- LED 3200 lm headlight included. Any other small light will fit
- Raid Designs will continue to develop MRS with fittings, adapters etc

Common frame sizes

Frame diameter outer/inner (mm)

51/47: KTM RFS, KTM LC4 625,640,660
55/51: KTM XC/SX, XC4, RF4, LC4, Husaberg 70 degrees
60/56: KTM EXC 250, 350 (XC-W) 2012-

You can get the MRS frame bracket to fit your frame. If we do not have the dimensions you need, just send us an e-mail and we'll make it.

If you have an aluminium frame with thick tube walls, you can also thread directly into that without the inner bracket, but if so we suggest you install steel threads.

MRS Basic kit
MRS Mini Rally System
SEK 3,393.62
MRS Frame bracket Husaberg
This is a bolt-on frame bracket that we developed in order to reduce the amount of mods needed to...
SEK 1,159.57
MRS Frame bracket 55/51 mm
MRS Frame bracket for KTM, Husaberg
SEK 1,063.83
MRS Frame bracket 51/47 mm
MRS Frame bracket for KTM, Husaberg
 SEK 1,063.83  
MRS Fairing
MRS Fairing
 SEK 1,063.83  
MRS side plates
MRS standard side plates.
 SEK 1,063.83  
MRS Round bar 150 mm
MRS round bar for roadbook holders or other round bar mounts.
 SEK 212.77  
MRS Fairing plate 100 mm
MRS Fairing plate.
 SEK 212.77  
MRS Bracket 67 mm
MRS universal bracket 67 mm.
 SEK 212.77  
MRS Bracket 57 mm
MRS universal bracket 57 mm.
 SEK 212.77  
MRS Bracket 47 mm
MRS universal bracket 47 mm.
 SEK 212.77  
MRS Bracket 37 mm
MRS universal bracket 37 mm.
 SEK 212.77  
MRS Screw kit
MRS Screw kit.
 SEK 212.77  
MRS Frame bracket Aprilia RXV
For converting your Aprilia into a rallye bike and lifting the weight off the handlebars!
 SEK 1,265.96  
MRS Frame bracket 60/56 mm
MRS frame bracket
 SEK 1,063.83  
Prices in: 

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