Marathon Adv/Rallye kit for KTM SuperEnduro 950

Marathon Adv/Rallye kit for KTM SuperEnduro 950

* Update: The main tower plates are now anodized in black. All aluminium parts are now CNC-milled instead of waterjetted and the 3-piece fairing is now produced by Carbon Performance. This of course gives this kit an even greater quality and appearance! *

We developed this kit in order to improve the world´s most entertaining bike and make it the most complete adventure bike on the planet! Now there is no need to change your SE for an Adventure! Why gain 20kg on the front wheel and have way less fun? Our kit adds 3kg* all in all and your SE is still an SE which means popping a wheelie is still just as easy!

We will also build you a complete rallye bike with all parts needed to make it to the finish line! Contact us for a consultation and a quote!

Features included in the Marathon kit:

* Dual cross bar fittings that are adjustable in both reach and height to cover all of your navigation/equipment needs
* Lower cross bar mount features stock speedo mount (included)
* Main bracket and cross bar mounts manufactured in corrossion and high stress resistant 6082-T6 aluminium.
* Frame mounts manufactured in 7075-T6 aircraft grade aluminium.
* Dual head lights with low beam 100mm 55w halogen and high beam LED1.2, 30 watt, 3200lm LED-light. For other lights set-up, please contact us.
* 3-piece fibre glass fairing delivered in polished black gelcoat exterior and black matte gelcoat interior for less glare (If you crash, you won't have to change entire fairing!)
* Fairing features an exchangable polycarbonate headlight protector
* Totally bolt-on. The conversion is easily reversible as there is no modification needed on the bike. The electrics are already wired through a male H4 connector which simply hooks up in the stock female H4 connector

To sum it up, this kit is built to last!

For a trouble-free installation, add the Extension Cabling, available under Extras.

*With the addition of the LED instead of HID, the race upgrade is voided as this significantly lowers the weight of the whole kit to just above 3kg.

Please note that we do not offer the Safari tank alternative any longer. But the fairing can easily be adapted to fit the Safari simply by trimming the lower part of the fairing sides.

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SEK 8,934.20

Extension Cabling SuperEnduro 950
This is extension cabling that may be needed to route your cables properly after installation.
SEK 361.45
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