Marathon Adv/Rallye kit for KTM SuperEnduro 950
* Update: The main tower plates are now anodized in black. All aluminium parts are now CNC-milled...
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SEK 10,285.71
Vacuum Fuel Pump Kit
This is a no-brainer for your SuperEnduro, the stock Mitsubishi fuel pump is way too unreliable...
SEK 1,259.26
Extension Cabling SuperEnduro 950
This is extension cabling that may be needed to route your cables properly after installation.
SEK 412.70
Frame bracket M1-950SE  
KTM Super Enduro Tank Guards  
KTM LC8 Swing Arm Protectors  
KTM SE Marathon fairing kit  
KTM SE Marathon Kit Splash White/Orange  
KTM SE Marathon Kit Splash Black/Orange  
KTM LC8 Adv Tank Guard Left  
KTM LC8 Adv Tank Guard Right  
Clutch cover  
Ignition cover  
Cross bar mount  
Fairing side supports, std tank  
KTM SE Splash White/Orange  
VCMFLPMP01 rebuild kit  
Fairing side supports, Safari tank  
Glare protector  
Suspension point, top  
Cross bar 200mm  
Cross bar 150mm  
KTM SE Splash Black/Orange  
Light fixture  
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