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Raid Designs offers various service jobs, rebuilds, spec-ups etc. Rally mechanic David Petterson takes care of your motor and brings it back to life again. We deal in fixed prices and have a talk first, so there are no missunderstandings. We also have partners that can help if needed. Parts - we'll get it.

1: Piston change: 200 EUR
2: Examination: Engine apart, price estimation and back i one piece 300 EUR
3: Bearing and gasket change: 100 EUR
4: Cylinder head examination: 100 EUR
5: Crank balance: 100 EUR
6: Crank change + balance: 200 EUR
7: Engine rebuild (1-5): 600 EUR

Problem fixes:
Stainless steel coil thread: 50 EUR
Remove broken bolt: 50 EUR
Smooth out cylinder head ports: 100 EUR
Valve shims: 100 EUR

Want RD to build your dream bike? Want to leave your complete bike? Contact me, we'll make an appointment.

This is how it works: send an e-mail with your name and bike info and describe your issues.

Clean and degrease the engine.
Take your engine out from the frame and send to this address:

Raid Designs AB
Franska Vägen 23
Lokal 10 
393 56 Kalmar
Prices in: 

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