Raid Designs race tips.

On this page I will share my race tips. I hope this will help you all!


RD Race tip no 17: Hand grips

You and everyone else have problems with fore arm pump when starting cold and/or riding hard. Fore arms always seems to be the weakest link, totally unaccepable. Get a hand grip like this, and put one in your car. Make sure they are as stiff as possible and use them on the way to work. I know if I can do 50 on each hand, I never have problems with arm pump when riding


RD Race tip no 16: Tire pressures

Winter time, spikes goes on. Same rules as ever but remember to check the tire pressure cold, and not inside. If you're planning to ice-race you lose the mousse, and install a tube instead (don't forget the tire lock). You need much higher tire pressure than normally, the theory is to ride on one spike at a time, digging it deep into the ice. 2 bar at least.

Here I fill it inside a garage, so a little more.


RD Race tip no 15: Bike tools

This is my pre-race check list. Stuff and where to keep it.

Zip-ties- Right fork
Clutch lever - Tool roll
Fuel hose 2 m - Tool roll
Spark plug - Tool roll
Steel wire - Tool roll
8,10,13,TX45 + spanner + extrension - Tool roll
Bits + holder + adapter + minispanner - Tool roll
Screws + fuses + el cord - Tool roll
Polygrip - Tool roll
3 old chain clips +link - Tool roll
Silicon gasket + quickmetal - Tool roll
8-10 angle spanner - Tool roll
Cloth - Tool roll
Duct tape - Tool roll
Multitool - Tool roll
Towing line - Tool roll
Gear shifter - Frame
Chain tool - Air box
Wheel axle spanner - Air box
Brake lever - Air box
Ear plugs - Jacket
Neoprene gloves - Jacket
Electric tape - Jacket
Cell phone - Jacket
First aid kit - Backpack (visible)
Pain killers - Backpack
Food - Backpack
Rain jacket - Backpack
Map - Backpack
Wallet - Backpack

RD Race tip no 14: Suspension clicks

If you have a teflon memory like me, write down the standard suspension setting on the part. Or your race setting, or whatever. If you get lost, just read and click it back again.

RD Race tip no 13: Warm water

When winter is here you need to think about clothes and staying warm. You also need more water even if you can't feel it. Pour hot water in your camelbak, it's easier to absorb. Now, get out there.
Remember to use cold water and heat it up, NOT warm water from the tap.

RD Race tip no 12: New boots

When buying new boots, fill them with hot water while loading the car, drain, then put them on and let them stay on the rest of the track day. This will make them take the shape of your feet better. You can use this for any shoes and gloves, especially made of leather.
This is usually not needed when using boots with joints such as Gearne or Sidi.

RD Race tip no 11: Pantyhose/Getting dirty

Muddy? Steal your girlfriend's pantyhose and install them in front of the coolers. The mud sticks, dries and vibrate off.

RD Race tip no 10: Iced up bike

Cold in the air but ground still not frozen? Your bike might look like this. Before you attempt to clean it, use a rubber hammer to get the ice off the bike. This also works in the middle of a race of course.

RD Race tip no 9: Winter boots
 by Linus Karlsson

Keep those old boots you want to throw out and screw thick PVC under the sole and use them for winter enduro. Remember to put on your helmet first, the boot smell is lethal...

Rd Race tip no 8: Rally bag pack list.

2 Socks, 2 thin socks
1 Long johns and thin shirt
2 Sleeveless shirts
1 Buff
2 MX-gloves, 1 Neoprene

Body armor
1 Sun goggle, 1 clear

Jacket (own pack list)

After race:
Flip flops
Towel, swim wear, shampoo, clean clothes
Washing powder
Clothing line to dry them

I Get off the bike, loose everything and hit the showers. In there wash the race underwear, and dry them for next day. This way you go home without the disgusting pile of crap...


RD Race tip no 7: One day riding check list

Water bag

Duct tape
Electric tape
Silicon gasket
Rain jacket
Fleece buff
First aid
Rain gloves
Energy gel
Dried salted meat


RD Race tip no 6: Avoid blisters

To avoid blisters in the middle of a race you have to ride a lot of course. This makes tough hands but still you will get blisters when competing. Get a sharp knife and cut the calluses. Just like filleting salmon.

RD Race tip no 5: Desert chain life

If you're prepping for desert racing or live in a less humid country than Sweden, degrease a new drive chain with kerosene or diesel. The grease inside will be enough lube anyway so don't mess with it. A dry chain stays clean and lasts an African Dakar rally on a KTM 690 rally, so surely even for you too.

RD Race tip no 4:

When you buy a chain, spend your money on a o-ring or a x-ring chain. Also, buy a extra master link, because this wears much faster than the chain. Switch the worn one and keep it with you. The old one is easy to change out in the woods if your chain breaks. A good chain is ok two sets of sprockets. I can't feel the difference and use steel sprockets by the way.

RD Race tip no 3: Gear lever

If you want to bullet-proof your rally- /adventure bike, here's one of many tips from now on. The shift lever has a very bad location and lives on borrowed time. Buy a spare, make sure it fits and strap it somewhere safe. On the frame or like mine; on top of the radiator protector. If you have a KTM or Husky, remember a spare screw and washer.


RD Race tip no 2: Hydration

A race day you loose a lot of water and minerals by sweating. I usually start a race day with breakfast and before I kickstart I take 1 headache pill, and 2 hydration replacement pills. This way I never get headache, and also I'm topped up with minerals. By the way, this works on hangovers as well.


RD Race tip no 1: Hydration pack

When done riding, empty your hydration pack, but leave the water in the drinking hose. Store the whole thing in the freezer until next time. Before riding, take it out and bend the hose so the ice inside cracks, taking algaes off the walls. This will keep it like new and no discusting creatures will survive in your drinking water.

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