Raid Designs is the Scandinavian agent for Rally Albania.

Rally Albania is an amateur rally of one week and 2500 km of amazing nature, switchback roads, high mountains and beautiful scenery everywhere. Bikes, quads and cars all run on the same route, timed electronically by GPS, and timecard as backup. The roadbook is easy to follow and you don't have to be an expert at anything to follow it. If you have a problem during the day, you can start over the next. It's friendly, everybody helps everyone and it's also affordable when it comes to international rallyss. Some pros are always at the start line to show how it's done..

There are usually two a long race day then a short day during the week. A typical long day is start at dawn, 12 hours on the bike and 2 long special stages, ending at dusk, where you so a quick service on your bike, eat and go to sleep. A typical short day has a late start, a few hours on the bike. After you have time to pay some attension to the bike, and relax a bit.

First of all, read all pages on the official website This contains the route, dates and regulations. It might vary from year to year, so make sure you understand it and you are ok with it. Questions you ask by e-mail to us or on

What you need:
- Drivers license
- Bike that complies to the regulations
- Green card
- Proxy for the transportation (if other than you) (a template to fill in will follow)
- Plastic box with lid (Bauhaus no: 9009617A and 9009618A)

How it works
- Contact us, and we'll send you a detailed plan and what to do next.
- We all meet up about two weeks before the start in Sweden to shake down the bikes, leave equipment and the bike to the service crew.
- Service crew transports the bikes and equipment to Tirana arriving a couple of days before the riders, who fly down.
- RD helps through scruteneering and anything else.
- You race one week.
- Efter finishing we load up again and leave back home.
- You collect you things the next weekend.
- You can also let RD service your bike while you relax at the pool with a drink.

What we have
- Service truck fully equipped with all you need to make it through the race. Lights, tents, tables, chairs, tools, welder, power tools, generator, material to build or repair stuff, nuts and bolts, zip-ties, tape and whatever.
- RD's navigation equipment with standard prices.
- Mechanics and drivers.

Price estimation:
Entry: 600 €
Transport: <1000 € (depends on the number of bikes)
Hotel: 300 € (10 nights)
Flight: 400 €

RD takes care of the administration, payment, hotel booking, tire and mousse orders, truck diesel, road tolls and ferrys for the team free of charge.
Also included: Insurance, Team t-shirt, MX jersey with your name and number, help during the race.

Bike preparation
We can of course build your bike from scratch, rebuild the bike you already have or supply equipment for it. This is done by Dakar mechanic Calle Hagenblad. Questions on what to get, how to set up etc, same channels as above, e-mail to us or on
You are allowed one 60cl plastic rally box (Bauhaus artno: 9009617A), and also we have two shared box with the stuff everyone can use (chains, battery, handlebars and such.

Pack list on this PAGE

Video from Calle Hagenblad 2014

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