Lamp test today. - Carl Hagenblad

Left to right:
35W HID in 70 mm reflector (All swedish pro's ride with EMX same reflector)
35W HID in 100 mm reflector
55W Halogene in 200 mm rallye reflector (H1 bulb for cars high beam)

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Crappiest one was my old 200 mm car rally light with 55W halogene H1 inside. Clear glass may look good on your car but is not for us. The light is ok, the spread of it sucks.
Next up is Raid designs HID kit that I build in a 100 mm reflector. Really good light and I like it. Nice spread, no lines and works fine riding fast. Tested this summer in a 1000 km rally as prototype.
Same HID in the 70 mm reflector. Adjusted for narrow light flow. I use this currently and is used today by most swedish pros.

Weight: 160 g (450 g with ballast etc)
LED 30 W is surprisingly good.
Compared to the 70mm HID the light is whiter and better concentrated. More light in the middle, and without lines. This will do.

Weight: 250 g
Prices in: 

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