Raid Designs is the Scandinavian agent for Hellas Rally Raid

Hellas Rally Raid is a six days amateur rally of 2200km in amazing nature, switchback roads, high mountains, beach riding and beautiful scenery everywhere. Bikes, quads and buggies do separate routes in some points so that all vehicles have the fun they deserve with some challenging navigation. Time keeping is done by the timekeepers of the World Enduro Championship & ISDE Team with FIM standards.
Roadbook is 100% compliant to FIM standards with high precision and accuracy, along with high safety standards, which include pre riders, check points - time checks and traffic control in all special stages. Although the race is sanctioned by FIM and FIM Europe the regulations allow a restart every day, in case you decide to quit for a rest or quit with a mechanical problem, you are allowed to restart every day.

Tracking system, a huge medical team that includes 10 paramedics, 4 doctors on bikes or 4x4 vehicles, 10 offroad vehicles and one medical Helicopter, traffic control on stages with police and organization people are some of the key characteristics of the race, which complies 100% with high standards, yet is a race for everyone, even for starters.
The race is insured under EU laws and FIM standards with an insurance policy of 5mil Euros and covered by 3 major Hospitals.

The main benefit, single bivouac for all days, in a spectacular city by the sea, with thermal spas and beautiful yet low cost hotels. Lower cost and easier logistics, yet challening race is the mix for everyone.

What you need:
- Drivers license
- Bike that complies to the regulations
- Green card
- Personal insurance for license free classes (can be purchased in scrutineering if not available)

How it works
- Contact us, and we'll send you a detailed plan and what to do next.
- We all meet up about two weeks before the start in Sweden to shake down the bikes, leave equipment and the bike to the service crew.
- Service crew transport the bikes and equipment to Greece arriving a couple of days before the riders that fly down.
- RD guides through scruteneering and anything else needed.
- You race one week.
- Efter finishing we load up again and leave back home with a treasure chest of experiences and memories!
- You collect your things the following weekend.
- You can of course let RD service your bike while you relax at the pool with a drink.

What we have
- Service truck fully equipped with all you need to make it through the race. Lights, tents, tables, chairs, tools, welder, power tools, generator, material to build or repair stuff, nuts and bolts, zip-ties, tape and whatever.
- RD's navigation equipment with standard prices.
- Mechanics and drivers.

Classes available for 2017

1. Elite Class: Refers to professionals and participants of World Championship. Racing License is required. Extra Special stages and km, separate classification

2. Amateur Classes (separation by Bike cc)
License free
M1: 150-300cc
M2: 350-450cc
M3: 490-650cc
M4: 650-1200cc bicylinders
Overall Classification also

3. Rally Lite class
License free, bike independent, roadbook navigation for newcomers or those who want to relax and have fun racing every day 60% of the total klm and have separate classification

4. Raid Class
GPS navigation, easier tracks for sightseeing and off road holidays

The organization offers also the guided tour option for groups of bikes with the choice of road tour or offroad tour with exprerienced guides.

Apart from what you can do within the race, Organization also provides family packages for your family.
While you fight against time, your people can have organised bus tours around the area, which include sightseeing, cultural and monument visits, wine and food tasting in the area and low cost spa with thermal springs available.
Note that the race moves around the area of Delphi and other significant ancient Greek cities.

Price estimation:
Entry: 600 €
Transport: <1000 € (depends on the number of bikes)
Hotel: <300 € (10 nights)
Flight: 400 €
Food & Beverage: 12-20 euros per meal per person (drinks &spirits included)

RD takes care of the administration, payment, hotel booking, tire and mousse orders, truck diesel, road tolls and ferries for the team free of charge.
Also included: Insurance, Team t-shirt, MX jersey with your name and number, help during the race.

Bike preparation
We can of course build your bike from scratch, rebuild the bike you already have or supply equipment for it. This is done by Dakar mechanic Carl Hagenblad. Questions on what to get, how to set up etc, same channels as above, e-mail to us or on
You are allowed one 60l plastic rally box (Bauhaus artno: 9009617A), and also we have two shared boxes with the stuff everyone can use (chains, battery, handlebars and such.
Packing list on this PAGE

If you do not have a bike, time to set it up or just want the somfort of flyng down and having a bike ready when you arrive, we offer ready-to-race rental bikes to suit all wallets. From 250 enduro to rally-winning 450s.

Prices for Rental bikes:

Fully equipped Husaberg Fe 450 2013 with Öhlins suspension (ex. Hellas Rally winner): 1300EUR
Fully equipped Honda CRF450X 2010 : 1000EUR
Fully equipped KTM 450 EXC 2005 : 700EUR

The price includes only the bike with no spare parts and no fresh tires, any special requirements can be accomplished after contact with our team.
Service can be provided with an extra cost of 400 euros per person.
All the bikes are in perfect working/appearance condition and the policy is “you buy what you break“.

Prices in: 

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