Raid Designs - who we are

Raid Designs consists of David Pettersson, Carl Hagenblad and Klas Adolfsson, as per below picture. We are all passionate about racing our bikes, experiencing the world from the saddle and turning our ideas into reality in the workshop. We decided to start Raid Designs because we wanted to offer the things we all love. Well-constructed and thought-out products that will in some way improve your bike. Be it from a rally, adventure or endurance perspective.

We are driven by our passion and will to let people understand just how wonderful offroading can be and rallies in particular. We want to offer our products at a fair price so that people can afford to pursue their dreams.

We always try to find ways to improve on our products and our customers and friends play a big part in development and evolution. If you have ideas on products or improvements, please don't hesitate to contact us.

As we don't have big financial muscles you might have to wait a little longer for delivery. Our logistics department consists of us three and a roll of packing tape.

All products are put together by hand. AND devotion. We'll rather keep the product a day longer to make sure it is just right before we ship it. And we will try to go that extra mile for you. Please tell us if you have another opinion!

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